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Munich International Community Church


Why support missionaries?

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Because we believe in the truth of the gospel message and we want to see God's fame extended to all the unreached peoples of the world, we choose to support several missionaries on a regular basis, including some who have been sent out from our own church into the world. This downloadable document explains our missions perspective and introduces our missionaries.

Our missionaries are...

'Marynoi' Chanaddah Chaisakorn

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Marynoi is working with Partnership Ministries in Bangkok. She focuses primarily on the evangelism and discipleship of young Thai women and has been leading several different Bible study groups.

She is seeking to build her team in Thailand.

Marynoi is continuing to serve in Thailand and also in Europe this year. Please see the attached newsletter for details.

For more information, download this Newsletter.

Anatol Andruita

Location: Petrovca, Moldova

Anatol Andriuta and his wife Violetta live in Moldova and have been married over 7 years and have three children ages 6 years , 4 years and 2 years old. Outside of caring for his flock in Petrovca and sharing about hope in Christ with anyone he may meet while going about his daily life, Anatol is active with many evangelistic programs. He is heading a program to reach out to the Moldovan police force in the capital. He works with many orphanages in the northern part of the country and works a lead youth pastor in Moldova.

David Wilkinson

Location: Cornwall, England

David Wilkinson lives in England, and though semi-retired, continues to work diligently to serve various Bible translation projects, providing translators the grammar and linguistic tools necessary for their work.

His work in many different and some exotic languages is helping to make God’s Word available to many different people groups in the world.

Terry and Jackie Ascott (SAT7)

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
E-mail: ascott

MICC has supported Terry and Jackie Ascott on the mission field for the past several years.

Terry is CEO of SAT7, broadcasting Christian television for the Middle East since 1996.

They broadcast biblically based programming in Arabic to North Africa and the Middle East. In 2005 they opened a studio in Cairo, and began broadcasting in Iran for the first time!

They also broadcast messages of hope to the Iraqi people in the midst of their conflicts.

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