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Munich International Community Church

2016 MICC Family Retreat with Gilbert Lennox.

Gilbert Lennox

Gilbert Lennox was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The youngest in a family of four children with godly parents,he committed his life to Christ in his final year of primary school. He has an honours degree in Modern Languages from Queen’s University Belfast, where he alsod id post-graduate work and trained as a schoolteacher. In 1977 he married Heather whom he met int he context of a young people’s discipleship programme he led in his home town. They have four adultc hildren,four granddaughters and one grandson. While both worked as schoolteachers they were also heavily involved in church planting work. In 1995 he left his position as head of modern languages in a local grammar school to devote himself full-time to Bible teaching and leadership within Glenabbey Church, which they helped found in 1988.In September 2016 Gilbert retired from his senior staff role to focus more on writing, as well as to have more time for family and photography. His current writing project is a revision of his book Gettingt he Message, a guide to personal Bible study. He still serves as an elder and Bible teacher in the church, and works with the Feed Trust to provide Bible teaching resources especially for Christians in countries where few such materials exist. Gilbert is also a keen photographer, who loves to capture the beauty of the Irish landscape, especially the Causeway Coast and Glens.

  1. Session 1: Living Hope (1 Peter 1:1-12)

  2. Session 2: The presence of the future (1 Peter 1:13-25)

  3. Session 3: Purpose Driven Life (1 Peter 2:1-10)

  4. Session 4: Sharing Hope (1 Peter 3:8-18)

  5. Session 5: Suffering and Grace (1 Peter 1-5)

2017 MICC Men's Retreat with Dyfan Williams.

Dyfan Williams.

Dyfan was born in Wales and had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. He studied English Literature at Cardiff University, worked for the Employment Service for two years before spending three years working with students as a Regional Staff Worker for UCCF. He was called to the pastoral ministry with Grace Baptist Church, Southport, England where he served for 11 years. Following that he spent five years ministering to people from a wide diversity of cultures at the International Church of Torino, Italy. In 2011 he moved back to Northwich, England where currently he is Pastor of Emmanuel Church. His interests include watching sport, running and supporting Manchester United (for whom he played in his youth!). Dyfan is married to Caroline and they have three children: Megan (1993-2003), Lloyd (22) and Sian (18)

  1. Session 1: Moses' Faith and failure (Exodus 2)

  2. Session 2: God's Call and commission (Exodus 3-4)

  3. Session 3: Moses' pressures and prayers (Exodus 16-17)

  4. Session 4: God's glory and grace (Exodus 33-34)

2016 MICC Women's Retreat with Trillia Newbell.

Trillia Newbell.

Trillia currently is the Director of Community Outreach for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. Session 1: Our Unique Creator God (Psalm 8)
    We reflect on God's purpose in his creation and also consider what creation reveals to us about God's person and character.
  2. Session 2: The Unifying Gospel (Ephesians 2)
    We examine how Jesus has reconciled us to God and one another through the cross. Only the gospel is powerful enough to make us family. Because of how we have been loved, we are compelled to love one another.
  3. Session 3: The Body (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)
    The family of God, unified in the gospel, has been strengthened and gifted to function fruitfully in diverse ways by the Holy Spirit. We find joy in the variety of ways we have been called and gifted, and now we are able to encourage and love another well as a result.
  4. Session 4: Enjoying God (Psalm 16:11; 103:1-5)
    We have been reconciled with God and one another, and gifted and called to function uniquely within the body of Christ... for the glory of God. There is much delight to be found in living for His glory. God is the source of all joy, but what does it mean to actually find enjoyment in our relationship with him? What can we do in the course of everyday life to grow in that regard?

2016 MICC Family Retreat with Carlton Harris.

Carlton Harris.

Pastor at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego, California.

Our topic: God�s Heart for the City

We live in Munich�a multi-cultural and international city of 1.3 million residents. Munich is a city that revels in its contradictions. Our city presents two very different faces to the world. The first is that of a modern metropolis, driven by technology and innovation�consider BMW and FC Bayern Munich. The second is that of a deeply traditional town, best known for the rumpus of Oktoberfest, but defined year-round by dirndl-wearing waitresses, and Gem�tlich�keit. And we are at ease with this mix of cosmopolitan consumerism and old-world traditions. God has strategically placed MICC in the middle of our city. As more and more people from around the world become Munich city-dwellers, it is imperative that we understand God�s heart for the city, and in response to His heart, invest our lives in our city for the sake of the Gospel. We want our city to be a place where people meet God and have their lives transformed by the Gospel! We have a great kingdom-expanding opportunity. During our retreat, we took a road-trip visiting several biblical cities to see and hear and understand and feel God�s heart for cities like Babel, Sodom, Jerusalem and Caesarea. And Munich.

  1. Session 1: Friday Evening: The New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:9�22:5) .

  2. Session 2: Saturday Morning: Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).

  3. Session 3: Sunday Morning: Sodom (Genesis 18:16-33)

  4. Session 4: Sunday Evening: Jerusalem (Luke 19: 28-48)

  5. Session 5: Monday Morning: Caesarea (Acts 10:1�11:18)

2016 Mens Retreat with Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis.

Pastor Grace Church Greenville,South Carolina Our topic: A Man and His Work

During this weekend in Fischbachau, we had the opportunity to be challenged and equipped with a biblical perspective on our work. We learned better to see work through a gospel lens; how it is God�s purpose for us, even in a fallen world, and we gained new insight into how to redeem work and rest. In four talks we explored these issues to gain confidence in the gospel and to prepare for impact as Christian men in the global marketplace today.

  1. Session 1: Friday Evening: Creation and the Purpose of Work (Genesis 1-2) .

  2. Session 2: Saturday Morning: Work Corrupted (Romans 8; Ecclesiastes).

  3. Session 3: Saturday Evening: Redeeming work (Various scriptures)

  4. Session 4: Sunday Morning: Relaxation and recreation (Various scriptures)

2015 Ladies Retreat with Pauline Wilson


Our Speaker Pauline Wilson was a pastor's wife in an international church in Switzerland for 17 years, before returning, with her husband Alan, to their native Northern Ireland seven years ago. She currently works in Belfast Bible College as an academic administrator, where she also enjoys the privilege of leading a small group of students who meet each week for social and spiritual activities. Pauline is passionate about seeing the gospel transform people's lives and she is currently involved in the leadership of a Pastoral Support Team at New Horizon, a major annual Christian event in Northern Ireland, as well as developing her own counselling ministry. Pauline and Alan have two adult daughters, both of whom have wed within the last year. For more information on Pauline, visit her blog at

Our topic: From worry to worship

Worry or anxiety is a protective emotion that keeps us away from threats to life and limb. Research suggests that women are more anxious than men, and that anxiety is one reason that they still live longer, healthier lives. But the downside is a tendency to worry too much. Women are more vulnerable to anxiety disorders, which helps explain why they are twice as likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression as men.

  1. Session 1: Friday Evening: What is Worry and What Can it Do? .
    Summary:In this session, we will see Martha as an example of someone who was distracted by her anxieties (Matt. 13:22)..
  2. Session 2: Saturday Morning: What is Worry and What Can it Not Do? .
    This session will help us learn why worry is futile�and what we can do about it (Matt. 6:27). .
  3. Session 3: Saturday Evening: Antidote to Worry:
    Prayer and Worship Here, we will take Hannah as an example of a woman who turned her worry into worship (Phil. 4:6)..
  4. Session 4: Sunday Morning: The Antidote to Worry:
    Learning to Rest Our final session will be a reflective time, when we can enjoy meditating on the beautiful truths of Psalm 131.

2015 Family Retreat with Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson .

Our Teisendorf Retreat featured Alan Wilson from Northern Ireland, speaking from Acts on "From Jerusalem to Munich" to examine how the gospel spreads from generation to generation and from city to city.

  1. Session 1: Friday Evening: �and then the Spirit came� (Acts 1 and 2).
    Summary:In this session we will set the scene for the book of Acts (1:8) and take a look at the role of the Spirit, the preaching of Jesus and the formation of a community in Jerusalem.
  2. Session 2: Saturday Morning: "Breaking Barriers" (Acts 8 and 10).
    Summary: In this session, we will visit the city of Caesarea to see how the Spirit is at work to overcome the racial barriers; we watch Peter as he learns to get beyond his old ways of thinking and discovers that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are for everyone.
  3. Session 3: Sunday Morning: �A Church Without Walls� (Acts 11 and 13).
    Summary: In this session we will look at Antioch: a church without walls. Here we will see how the Antioch church became the strategic launchpad for mission in Acts. We will see how their witness went beyond speaking to the �usual suspects�, their worship went beyond the routine, and their world and work were extended beyond the front gate.
  4. Session 4: Sunday Evening: �The Gospel in the Marketplace� (Acts 17)
    Summary: Tonight we will visit the city of Athens where we will see what happens when Paul encounters the world of pagan idolatry and philosophy.
  5. Session 5: Monday Morning: �To the Ends of the Earth� (Acts 28)
    Summary: In this session we recognize the challenge before us as we tell the good news in different settings to the ends of the earth until Jesus returns.
  6. Women's Breakout Session with Pauline Wilson: God's Faithfulness: What Does That Mean to Me?

2015 Men's Retreat with Glen Scrivener: The Trinitarian Gospel

Glen Scrivener.

During this weekend in Fischbachau, we were challenged and equipped with a biblical and relational perspective on telling and living the gospel. We learned better to see the gospel through a trinitarian lens�how it shapes our identity, our relationships, our pursuits, and our legacy in life. In four talks we explored these issues to gain confidence in the gospel and to be equipped for impact as Christian men today.

  1. Session 1: Beginning with Jesus (Colossians 1:15-23).
  2. Session 2: God�s Threeness (Galatians 3:26-4:7).
  3. Session 3: The World�s Twoness (Romans 5:12-21).
  4. Session 4: Your Oneness (Hebrews 4:14-5:10).

2014 Ladies Retreat with Sue Bohlin: Free at Last

Sue Bohlin.

When Jesus said, �If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed,� did He really mean it? And what does it mean to be free? Christ�s freedom is far bigger than we usually think. He can unchain us from our past, teach us to walk in freedom today, and release us to soar into a future unhindered by fear. Don�t be content to live in your personal jail cell when Jesus has unlocked the door and beckons you to come out and be free�we are more than conquerors in Christ! The weekend featured four talks from Sue Bohlin:

  1. Session 1: Unchained From Our Past: He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy (Ps. 68:6).
  2. Session 2: Walking in Freedom Today: Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles (Heb. 12:1).
  3. Session 3: The Freedom of Forgiveness: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Cor. 3:17).
  4. Session 4: Released to Soar Into Our Future: The wise woman fears the Lord, not the future (Prov. 31:21, 30).

Retreats and Special Events

2014 Family Retreat: Theme: Maturing in Character

Mike Tilley

Each talk will explore a biblical text that addresses an aspect of our character growth. Growth is a lifelong process that happens in a climate of grace, where love is experienced and expressed, strong relationships are built, forgiveness is given and received and where we relate to others in community in increasingly healthy ways.

  1. �Session 1: What is Character? (Romans 5:1-5).
  2. �Session 2: Loving Well (Matthew 22:37-39).
  3. �Session 3: Working Well (Galatians 6:1-10).
  4. �Session 4: Forgiving Well (Ephesians 4:29-32).
  5. �Session 5: Maturing Well (Matthew 20:20-28).



The quest for understanding and living God�s design as authentic men. Not worldly models of macho manhood or rowdy athleticism, but a full, well rounded model of godly manhood in identity, relationships, pursuits, and legacy in life. In four talks Matt Williams unpacks some aspects of our own and others� doubts, firm up convictions and confidence in the gospel and equips us for impact as Christian men today.

  1. Session 1: Character of a Leader
  2. Session 2: Core Sin / Challenge: Passivity
  3. Session 3: Being the Sexual Leader in Marriage
  4. Session 4: The Anti-Leader: Saul

2013 Ladies Retreat: Theme: The Power of Femininity

Sue Bohlin.

Our sincere apologies, session 1 was not recorded due to a technical problem.

  1. Session 1: The Power of Beauty. Not recorded
  2. Session 2: The Power of Influence
  3. Session 3: The Power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Session 4: The Power of Forgiveness

2013 John Mackay on the 6 days of Creation


Saturday Session

John Mackay.

  1. Saturday Session: Can we know the Creator of all things ?
    The topic of creation vs. evolution is often in today's news What evidence is there for design and a designer in creation ? What are the implications of this design ? Or of a designer ?

    What do we know about Him ? Does this affect our lives in the 21st century ?

2013 Family Retreat @ Teisendorf

Ray Bohlin.

Everyone, whether they�re aware of it or not, interprets reality through a set of filters and assumptions. Understanding these helps us to listen to others and to know why the gospel offers the only source of hope for life in this world and the next.

This worldview approach will be applied to:

� the scientific evidence for design in the universe, pointing to our God as creator

� the questions concerning the reliability and authority of the Bible

� the unique and exclusive claims of Jesus to be the only Savior of the world, interacting with religious traditions and pluralism

� the problem of evil: why would a good and powerful God allow so much pain and suffering?

For the outline notes, please click here session notes

  1. Session 1: Do I have a world view?
    Six major questions.
  2. Session 2:Is there evidence for an intelligent designer?
    Irreducable complexity and other indicators.
  3. Session 3: Is the Bible reliable?
    Internal and external evidence (partial recording).
    Our sincere appologies for this partial recording, due to a technical problem at the time of the recording.
  4. Session 4: Is Jesus the only way?
    �I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jn 14:6
  5. Q and A session
    Various questions arrising.
  6. Session 5: Why does God permit all the pain and suffering in the world?
    What's the alternative ?
  7. The Ladies Session: How to Handle the Things You Hate But Can�t Change?
    This includes her testimony of God helping her deal with polio, the resulting poor self-image, and her anger toward Him concerning the polio: basically, learning to see herself from His perspective, and learning to give thanks for all things.

ICC Pastors' Retreat 2013 @ Teisendorf

Our speaker: Alan Wilson

Our topic: The leadership journey in the life of Moses:

Each year the pastors and families from ICC ( gather for a week of encouragement, fellowship, instruction and planning as we share a common vision: the spread of the gospel of grace through the international English speaking communities in the cities of Europe. The recordings from the main sessions are below.

A native of Northern Ireland, Alan spent several years as a language teacher before moving to Switzerland in 1990 to pastor a new International Church on the shore of Lake Geneva � Westlake Church, in Nyon. He was there for 17 years during which time the church grew to the point where a satellite congregation was started close to the university of Lausanne.

In 2007 Alan moved back to Northern Ireland where for four years he pastored Portstewart Baptist Church. As well as a local ministry, PBC is a second spiritual home to many people across Northern Ireland, especially during the summer months. He has been married to Pauline for over 25 years and they have two adult daughters.

For more from Alan, visit

  1. Session 1. Introduction and overview :
    Getting acquainted with the various aspects of the leadership journey.
  2. Session 2. The Formative Years:
    A look at the influences and choices that shape a leader.
  3. Session 3. The Wilderness Years:
    What happens when the dream is lost and the leader finds himself in obscurity.
  4. Session 4. The Leadership Years (1):
    The call to leadership.
  5. Session 5. The Leadership Years (2):
    Various questions arrising.

2013 Mens Retreat @ Fischbachau / Schliersee

Dr. Ben Stevens.

The Skeptic in Your Head

The most dangerous skeptic in the world is not the eloquent scientist on TV who has written a New York Times bestseller. The most dangerous skeptic in the world is the one in your head. We often hesitate when sharing our faith because we worry about what someone might ask and whether we would have the answers. But this just shows that our own doubt, not theirs, weighs more heavily on our minds. Our speaker had a prolonged faith crisis during college, and he sometimes claims that there's no critical question about God he hasn�t had himself. In four talks we will unpack and explore some aspects of our own and others� doubts, firm up our convictions and confidence in the gospel and be equipped for impact as Christian men today.

  1. Session 1: A Blueprint for belief
    (What's going on when we doubt)
  2. Session 2:Debating, The foundations
    (Is Christianity really true)
  3. Session 3: Debating The Story
    (Is Christianity really coherent)
  4. Session 4: Three Rules for talking to Non-Christians

Eric Metaxas - Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy


Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas is best known for two biographies, Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery about William Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

He has also written humor, children's books, and scripts for VeggieTales.

2012 Ladies Retreat

Theme: Refresh Your Heart

  1. Session 1: Have I ever experienced God
  2. Session 2: I want to be one of those people
  3. Session 3: How About a Nice Picnic and Swim?
  4. Session 4: They Brought Lamps� and �I Do� Do You?

2012 Annual Retreat @ Burg Wernfels

Pursuit of Purity Prof. Pastor Jim Cecy.

  1. Session 1: A Revival of Purity
    (1. Thessalonians 4:3-8)
  2. Session 2: Oneness in Marriage
    (Various texts)
  3. Session 3: Purity for Singles
    (Various texts)
  4. Session 4: Safeguarding Purity Part 1

  5. Session 4: Safeguarding Purity Part 2

2012 Men's Retreat @ Burg Wernfels

Our speaker this year was Lee Gatiss. The topic for the weekend was The Forgotten Cross. Why did Jesus Christ, God Himself, The Creator of all things have to die ?

The short theological answer to that is, penal substitutionary atonement. But we soon find that there is far more to the cross ...

  1. Session 1: The Cross and Success
    (1Cor 10:1 - 25)
    There was too much of the city of Corinth in the church at Corinthia. How much of the worldly attitudes of the city of Munich are in our church ?
  2. Session 2: The Cross and Service
    (Mark 10:32 - 45)
    The importance of service. Who or what are we serving? Or are we tempted by status and the idea of being served ?
  3. Session 3: The Cross and Suffering
    (1Pet 2:11 - 25)
    Are we tempted to evade the suffering and persecution that we are promiced will happen if we are following Christ?
  4. Session 4a/b: The Cross and Sanctification
    (Titus 2)
    He is purifying for Himself a people.. but we are to do our part too.
  5. Bonhoffer: Javier Garcia on Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Javier Garcia is sudying the life of Dietrich Bonhoffer for his Phd thesis and gave a short talk on his conclussions so far.

Workshop: How People Change with Tim Lane

How People Change with Tim Lane

Creation Seminar with John Mackay

John Mackay spoke from Genesis 1-11 on the topic of Creation and the Bible.

2011 Womens' Retreat @ Schloss Wort des Lebens

Our speaker this year was Marynoi Chaisakorn, one of our supported missionaries.

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2011 Annual Retreat @ Burg Wernfels

At our annual church retreat, Voddie Baucham led us through a series of messages in Ephesians, demonstrating the centrality of our hope in Christ and pointing toward the strategic importance of the gospel in our lives, in the local church, and in our family relationships. We saw how the imperatives of the letter are grounded in the indicatives. There are five messages, and an additional question and answer session which took place on Sunday afternoon.

  1. Overview of Ephesians (The Beauty and Glory of the Body of Christ)
  2. Salvation and Its Benefits (Membership in the Body)
  3. Effective Interpersonal Communication (Unity in the Body)
  4. Marriage and Family (A Portrait of the Body)
  5. Spiritual Warfare (Protection of the Body)

New Testament Workshop with Darrell Bock

  1. Making Sense out of the Gospels
    In this section, we'll address these questions: Why do we have four gospel accounts in the New Testament? Why is the Gospel of John so different from the others? What are the benefits of having four gospels instead of just one account about Jesus?
    Slides: Why four Gospels?
  2. What Got Jesus into Trouble?
    This section of the workshop will examine what Jesus did and said that stirred up hostility and opposition from the authorities. This study of Jesus' words and deeds will help us understand the main way he revealed his identity and how that revelation forced the leaders and the people to make a choice about him.
    Slides: What Got Jesus into Trouble?
  3. What Makes the Gospel the Gospel, Even for a World like Ours?
    Sermon of Sunday, 1 May 2011

2010 Women's Retreat @ Schloss Wort des Lebens

Lana Packer helped us to deal with the things we silently hear ourselves saying—things that are not true according to God's Word. Guarding the condition and the inflow and outflow of our hearts and minds is essential to our growth in faith and fruitfulness in Christ.

Instead of listening to the chatter in our minds, we can soothe our troubled souls by speaking God's truth. We can learn to pray as the psalmist prayed, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14, ESV.

  1. Session 1: The Signposts of God (Psalm 19:7-9, 14)
  2. Session 2: No Outer Props Needed (Genesis 11:3-4; 1 Peter 2:1-10)
  3. Session 3: Profile of an Obsessed Woman (Mark 5:24-34)
  4. Session 4: Toxic Thinking (2 Corinthians 10:5)
  5. Session 5: Loss - Longing - Legacy (Ruth 1-4)

2010 Annual Retreat @ Teisendorf

Our speaker this year was David Packer. The topic for the weekend was The Character of the Church in Acts.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news - the proclamation that we can be restored to relationship with God through the finished work of redemption through the cross. That good news sparked the beginnings of the church in Acts and it has fuelled its advance to the ends of the earth from generation to generation.

However, the Gospel isn't just a formula one follows to enter life, it's the way we live life in Christ from beginning to end. In our sessions together, our speaker will open God's Word to teach us how we can see the gospel demonstrated in our relationship in the family, the church, and the city. Just as the gospel transformed the character of the first century community, it transforms our lives by grace so we can share in the lasting impact of the gospel - not only in our local community but in other cities around the world as God scatters us - as he sends us out to spread His fame and proclaim the good news.

  1. Session 1: The Joyful Church (Acts 2:42-47)
  2. Session 2: The Generous Church (Acts 4:32-35)
  3. Session 3: The Empowered Church (Acts 5:12-16)
  4. Session 4: The Proclaiming Church (Acts 5:42 - 6:7)
  5. Session 5: The Scattered Church (Acts 8:1-8)

2010 Mens' Retreat @ Burg Wernfels

Our speaker this year was John Waldrop. The topic for the weekend was The Fight of Faith.

  1. Session 1: Jesus, Our Champion in the Fight
    Begin by focusing our attention on Jesus--who is is, and what he's done for us. We'll raise our sights above the stuff of our lives to see God's grand purpose and destiny for us - our vocation - and how Christ has fulfilled it for us.
  2. Session 2: Men need Encouragement for the Fight
    Here we'll deal wth the dangers we face, including the deceptiveness of sin and the need to hold each other accountable (gospel accountability).
  3. Session 3: Strong Stuff Needed for the Fight
    This is the positive side of encouragment, spurring one another on toward love and good deeds.
  4. Session 4: Following our Leaders in the Fight
    An encouragment to find and consciously look up to godly leaders who are a bit ahead of us in the fight.

2009 Women's Retreat @ Schloss Wort des Lebens

Our speaker this year was Kris Grimm.

  • Friday Evening: Get Real (Session 1)
    Discover how God's promises in the gospel give us freedom and transparency; we can take off our masks and be real with each other, and help others grow to remove their masks too.
  • Saturday Morning: Extreme Makeover (Sessions 2 and 3)
    God gives us a definition of true beauty in 1 Peter 3:3-4, and we examine how to apply these characteristics to our lives. In Colossians 3:1-14 we examine our responsibility to "put off" the old and "put on" the qualities of Christlike beauty.
  • Saturday Evening: Surrender (Session 4)
    Based on Romans 12:1 we explore the need to surrender, present ourselves to the Lord, worship him and let go of our anxieties and fears.
  • Sunday Morning: Peace (Session 5)
    Philippians 4:7 tells us what peace really is and how to obtain true, lasting peace through Jesus Christ.

2009 Annual Family Retreat @ Teisendorf

Our Teisendorf retreat this year focused on the task of creating a culture of peace in the local church. Our speaker was Bryce Thomas with Peacemaker Ministries. During the five sessions, we were reminded in many solidly biblical and practical ways how to apply the gospel to our relationships in the family, the church, and the city.

The sessions covered the Four G's of Peacemaking:

  1. Glorify God;
  2. Get the Log out of Your Eye;
  3. Gently Restore; and
  4. Go and Be Reconciled.

Learning to live in a lifestyle of grace, forgiveness and peace in MICC can have lasting impact not only on our community but other cities around the world as God sends us out to spread His fame and make peace with each other.

Several booklets featuring supplemental instruction from Peacemaker Ministries are available below in PDF format. Please read these to strengthen your grip on the concepts presented and apply them to your life.

Resources to read in PDF format:



Charitable Judgments

Church Discipline and a Culture of Peace

Counseling the Church in Conflict

Cultivating A Culture of Peace

Getting to the Heart of Conflict

Implementing a Culture of Peace

Jonathan Edwards on Charitable Judgments

Strike the Shepherd

The Cross and Criticism

The Peacemaker

2009 Mens' Retreat @ Burg Wernfels

Our speaker this year was Kris Lundgaard. The topic for the weekend was The Enemy Within: Straight Talk about the Power and Defeat of Sin.

  1. The End of the Struggle Against Sin
  2. Cheating the Flesh
  3. What's Wrong with the Enemy Within?
  4. Man on Fire

2008 Annual Retreat @ Teisendorf

Our speaker this year was Mark Ashton from The Round Church at St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge, UK. The topic was The Gospel in Romans 1-3.

  1. The Gospel and Wrath (Romans 1)
    slides recording
  2. The Gospel and Justice (Romans 1-2)
    slides recording
  3. The Gospel and Righteousness I (Romans 3)
    slides recording
  4. The Gospel and Righteousness II (Romans 3)
    slides recording

2008 Mens' Retreat @ Starnberger See

Men of Integrity

Our speaker this year is Voddie Baucham.

If we are going to take steps toward maturity and fruitfulness it will require that we be men of integrity - men with real security and significance in Christ, men with nothing to prove, nothing to lose, and nothing to hide. By being a man of integrity in the twenty-first century, we have the privilege to affect the lives of our great-grandchildren - in the twenty-third century. Step up to the challenge of multi-generational faithfulness as we learn lessons on being...

  • Session 1: A Real Man
    Lessons from Adam (Genesis 2)
  • Session 2: A Real Leader
    Lessons from Jesus (Ephesians 5)
  • Sessions 3-4: A Real Lover
    Lessons from Solomon (Song of Solomon)
  • Session 5: A Real Champion
    Lessons from Job (Job 29:1-27)

2007 Annual Retreat @ Teisendorf

This year the 21st Annual MICC Church Retreat took place for the first time at HAUS CHIEMGAU , TEISENDORF from 25-28th May. John Waldrop was talking about "Before God's Face" (Isaiah 6:1-8) .

  1. The King is Dead (Isaiah 6:1)
  2. The True King is Very Much Alive (Isaiah 6:1-4)
  3. Knowing God and Myself (Isaiah 6:5)
  4. The Grace of God in Christ (Isaiah 6:6-7)
  5. The Mission of God (Isaiah 6:8)

2007 Mens' Retreat @ Starnberger See

Men of God

Often life's circumstances seem to make little sense. At the retreat, together we'll explore how God is at work in biblical stories to display for us the story of His faithfulness in our lives.

  1. Men of Redemption
    Lessons from Nicoemus (John 3:1-21) and Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)
  2. Men of God
    Lessons from Paul to Timothy (1 Tim. 6:11 and 2 Tim. 3:17)
  3. Men of Grace
    A Lesson from the Prodigal's Father (Luke 15:11-32)
  4. Men of Action
    A Lesson from Gideon (Judges 6-7)
  5. Men of Prayer
    A Lesson from Daniel (Daniel 6:1-28)

2006 Womens' Retreat

Our retreat topic: Tell Me A Story

Often life's circumstances seem to make little sense. At the retreat, together we'll explore how God is at work in biblical stories to display for us the story of His faithfulness in our lives.

  1. Friday night: My Story
  2. Saturday morning: Rachel and Leah's Story (Genesis 29:30-30:24)
  3. Saturday evening: Esther's Story (The Book of Esther)
  4. Sunday morning: The Story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood (Mark 5:25-34)

Is there an Intelligent Designer in the Universe?

A series of meetings with guest speaker John Mackay:

  1. Friday 16 June 2006
    - "By Design: Evidence for an Intelligent Designer"
  2. Saturday 17 June 2006
    - Short presentation: The History of History
    - Question & Answer Opportunity
  3. Sunday 18 June 2006
    - "The Eternal Gospel": The message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

2006 Annual Retreat

At our Mittersill retreat we heard from Pete McKenzie. Pete is a long term servant of Christ on the mission field and pastorate. Currently he has a ministry to men called The Influencers. He spoke five times from Paul's letter to the Philippians.

Paul wrote the letter while a prisoner in Rome, and it is filled with practical Christian wisdom, instruction and attitude. As we journey through this letter we will review or discover the keys to having a joyful attitude, and discover how Paul had a lasting, positive, spiritual influence on every generation of believers since the first century.

  1. Five Reasons to Believe
    Pete introduces the weekend with his personal story of how he came to faith in Christ, and sets the stage for the exposition of Philippians. In each chapter Paul describes a thief that steals our joy, and an antidote to restore our joy.
  2. Philippians 1 - "The Imperative of the Gospel"
    Thief: Circumstances
    Antidote: The Single Mind
  3. Philippians 2 - "The Imperative of Humility"
    Thief: People
    Antidote: The Submissive Mind
  4. Philippians 3 - "The Imperative of Eternal Perspective"
    Thief: Things
    Antidote: The Spiritual Mind
  5. Philippians 4 - "The Imperative of an Unshakeable Hope"
    Thief: Worry
    Antidote: The Secure Mind

2006 Men's Retreat

The men gathered and were challenged to enter and enjoy a whole-hearted, Spirit-energized, soul-satisfying lifestyle of full-body contact discipleship.

Dennis McFadden spoke on the following topics of special significance to men seeking to understand a robust relationship to Christ.

  1. Teamwork and Mentoring (Ephesians 4)
  2. Men Called and Sent (Isaiah 6)
  3. Roadblocks for Men Pursuing God and His Kingdom (Matthew 6)
  4. A Man and his Sexuality - Part I (2 Samuel 11-12)
  5. A Man and his Sexuality - Part II
  6. Toweled to Serve, Restored to Serve (John 13, 21)


A series of meetings on the subject of Biblical manhood and womenhood.

  1. 14 October 2005: Created Part 1 (Genesis 1-3)
    Steve Henderson
  2. 21 October 2005: Created Part 2 (Genesis 1-3)
    Steve Henderson
  3. 28 October 2005: Recovered (Getting Specific and Q&A)
    Dave Martin, Robin Henderson
  4. 4 November 2005: Challenged (Living in a Sex-Drenched Culture)
    Philipp Gollner

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