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Munich International Community Church


About Eldership

Our elders in MICC function primarily as pastors of a flock, not corporate executives, CEOs, or advisers to a pastor. As keepers of sheep, biblical elders are to protect, feed, and lead the flock and to help meet the flock's many practical needs. They are preeminently men of godly character as described by Paul in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They are responsible to maintain the vision and direction of the church and to provide for the shepherd care of the body. This includes actually shepherding, as well as equipping the members of the body to care for the spiritual lives of others near them.

Alexander Strauch describes this perspective on elders in his book Biblical Eldership:

"Biblical eldership...can't exist in an atmosphere of nominal Christianity. There can be no biblical eldership in a church where there is no biblical Christianity. If a biblical eldership is to function effectively, it requires men who are firmly committed to living out our Lord's principles of discipleship. Biblical eldership is dependent on men who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt. 6:33), men who have presented themselves as living and holy sacrifices to God and view themselves as slaves of the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 2:1-2), men who love Jesus Christ above all else, men who willingly sacrifice self for the sake of others, men who seek to love as Christ loved, men who are self-disciplined and self-sacrificing, and men who have taken up the cross and are willing to suffer for Christ."

This is the standard for eldership which we are striving to model in MICC. Our elders are not men of perfection, but they are men of proven character and leadership in the church.

Our Elders

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