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Munich International Community Church


About Deaconship

Deacons in MICC serve in various capacities to carry out the ministries of the church in financial matters, budget preparation, property management, greeting and caring for members and visitors each Sunday, setting up furnishings and supplies for our Sunday school, and giving assistance for various social and teaching events in the church.

The deacons are men and women of godly character who are dedicated to serving the body of Christ.

According to the New Testament, not just anyone who wants to be a deacon can be one. Paul is emphatic about this, probably because this is where the church at Ephesus had gone wrong. Unqualified people had pushed their way into leadership positions. Indeed, placing unqualified and unfit people into the church's leadership structure is a crucial part of Satan's ongoing strategy for corrupting churches.

To read more about our deacons and their ministries and qualifications, download document to the right.

Our Deacons

Eva Burschyk
Eva Burschyk
Security and Sunday Setup Rota
David Hepler
David Hepler
e.V. President
Benevolence Fund
Ralph Schoenemann
Ralph Schoenemann
e.V. Treasurer

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