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Munich International Community Church

About us

MICC Today

Our church family is made up of people from over 25 different nations of the world. Many of those who worship with us are here on a short term basis with the average stay being about three years, yet we also have many expatriates and German nationals who are long term residents in Munich.

We seek to seize the strategic opportunity to minister in an English speaking community to embrace, train and then send out individuals and families who come to us and then will relocate elsewhere.

Increasingly, peoples of the world speak and read English. This creates an unprecedented possibility to penetrate nations and people groups around the world with the gospel through the English language. Also, people often are more open to the gospel and/or to a deepening of spiritual commitment while living abroad than while in their home country. We consider it a privilege to be involved in the training of these multiple "missionaries" whom we send out to various lands.

We are by nature a very welcoming, supportive church and we place particular emphasis on the quality of fellowship within the body.

Many first time visitors to our church have only recently arrived into a totally new environment and appreciate the friendship and support that a church such as ours can offer.

It is unusual to have no new visitors attending on a Sunday and we do our utmost to ensure that none leave without receiving a warm welcome.

We encourage believers to make a membership commitment and to use their God-given gifts and abilities within the church even when their stay is relatively short. The constant turnover of membership presents an ongoing challenge to the continuity of mature leadership and ministry within the fellowship.

In addition to our Sunday services, we also have a number of small groups which meet during the week for fellowship, Bible study and prayer.

We also hold a number of activities throughout the year for the gathering of the congregation for times of study, fellowship and fun.

We have three annual retreats, one in the fall/autumn for the ladies, one in spring for the men and finally, each year at Pentecost, the whole church gathers for a retreat to which international guest speakers are invited.

Our History

Munich International Community Church was founded in 1985 by a group of Christians in Munich seeking worship and fellowship in English. The first step was to form a home bible study which then grew into MICC. We are an independent church which worships God and reaches out to the international community living in and around Munich. Our emphasis is on strong Biblical preaching, equipping and strengthening the people of God to glorify, enjoy and display God around the world.

Our first pastor, Ronnie Stevens, served from 1986 to 1992. He currently serves as pastor of an English speaking church in Budapest, Hungary.

Lars Larson served as pastor from 1994 to 1998 and now is a pastor in Massachusetts, USA.

Our current pastor, Steve Henderson, came to MICC in September 1999 and continues to serve MICC.

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